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Innovative, Customised Insurance Coverage
Add value for your policyholders with unique identity management and data breach protection

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Protecting policyholders is your top priority. Stay ahead of threats—and competitors—with CyberScout programs that add value, improve retention, and increase premiums.

Key Benefits As a provider of property, auto, life or commercial insurance coverage options, it's your business is to protect your policyholders from accidents, disasters and the unknown.

Today that means more than preserving their physical assets and business continuity. It means providing coverage that responds to two of the fastest growing threats – consumer identity theft and commercial data breach exposures.

CyberScout’s comprehensive solutions support your organisation’s business objectives while meeting the unique needs of your policyholders. CyberScout builds programs to suit the unique needs of individual and commercial policyholders with valuable education, proactive protection, and incident remediation. And CyberScout helps you go to market swiftly.

Count on CyberScout for a strong partnership and dedicated expertise, whether you’re looking to complement existing programs or to develop something new and innovative.




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Identity Fraud Claims a New Victim Every Two Seconds

This unique program offers household identity management coverage for policyholders that  goes above and beyond do-it-yourself coverage kit resolution and simple credit monitoring providers by offering proactive education, 24/7 access to fraud specialists and investigators, and unlimited resolution assistance to help recover from what has become life’s third certainty. 

DataRiskStages data security program
Breach Risks Can Occur Anywhere. Are Your Policyholders Prepared?

With data breaches in the news daily, are your commercial policyholders adequately protected against this threat?  DataRiskStages is a comprehensive and affordable data security program that delivers risk reduction education, risk awareness tools and on-call access to top privacy and security experts.  If a breach does occur, expert guidance is provided every step of the way to ensure compliance with federal and provincial regulations, proper notification protocols are followed, and affected customers are provided with appropriate remediation services.



CyberScout is the leading provider of complete identity and data breach defence services for the insurance industry. We work with insurance carriers of all sizes to develop and implement unique coverage options for policyholders.

We proudly partner with the top insurer in the United Kingdom, 16 of the top 20 U.S. property & casualty insurance carriers, and six of the top ten Canadian insurers. Our programs cover more than 17.5 million households in North America and 770,000 businesses worldwide.

CyberScout’s deep experience in the insurance industry gives you a competitive edge. We’re successful at implementing customised solutions to meet marketplace demands because we understand the strict regulatory environment you work in. We draw on this background to educate carriers about risk and pricing strategies, resulting in highly profitable products.

We’ve also developed powerful programs for financial institutions and employee benefits providers and brokers that deliver value and positive returns to both the organisation offering our service, and the individuals and businesses we defend. Count on CyberScout as your trusted partner with dedicated industry specific expertise. Whether you’re a financial institution looking to complement your internal fraud team with victim assistance or an employee benefits broker wanting a program that defends both employees and employers while securing new revenue, CyberScout will work to ensure you are successful at every step.


Offer Industry Leading CyberScout Protection

CyberScout's partnership options help you safeguard the identity and privacy of your policyholders, customers, members and employees. Discover how a customised program can help build brand loyalty, member retention, and quickly generate long-term recurring revenue.

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