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CyberScout | Steve Fowler's Testimonial

Steve Fowler's identity theft scare has made him a believer in the value of fraud advocacy services from CyberScout. The president and CEO of South Carolina Credit Union League urges credit unions throughout the state to consider providing this benefit to members in light of the government breach that put three-quarters of the state's population at risk for identity theft and other types of fraud.

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CyberScout | Kimberly Reed's Testimonial

Kimberly Reed panicked when a state health worker told her that her son wouldn't be eligible to renew his free health care because he made too much money. The strange part: Her son Cory* was only 2 years old. Someone had used his Social Security number to receive $548 in paychecks from a business in the Pacific Northwest. The boy had become a victim of a troubling category of identity crime: child identity theft.

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