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DataRiskStages® Data Breach Preparation and Response
One comprehensive program to provide your customers proactive education and breach remediation support.

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Data breach risks are increasing daily and the impact can have severe repercussions. DataRiskStages helps your commercial clients reduce risk by confidently preparing, responding appropriately, and ensuring compliance.



Proactive Services

Program/Product Development Support

You’ll work with our industry experts to bring your commercial data risk management program to market quickly and effectively.


Program Implementation Support

Once we’ve worked with you to develop a program that meets your business objectives, we’ll help you bring DataRiskStages to your clients quickly.

Document Replacement

Program Marketing Support

Our marketing experts will team with you to develop high-impact marketing materials that help raise awareness of your offering and promote the successful adoption of your program.

Child ID Theft

Flexible Training Options

Ensure your internal teams are properly trained on the value of your DataRiskStages program and data risk management with flexible options including instructor-led in-person or webinar-based training and access to our Learning Management System.




Military Support

Underwriting Support

We’ll help you review current underwriting guidelines and provide feedback on possible gaps or areas that need refinement.

Medical ID Theft

Claims Support

As breach claims occur, CyberScout will provide advice and guidance on the claims process.

Travel Support

Trusted Industry Partner

Our expertise in the insurance industry is well-known, with the leading United Kingdom insurer, six of the top 7 Canadian insurers and sixteen of the top 20 US insurers offering CyberScout services.



Estate Support

Breach Response Website

Commercial clients are provided with a co-branded website featuring valuable breach avoidance education, risk-exposure calculators and risk-mitigation best practices that reduce risk propensity and work to keep remediation costs low.

Break-In Recovery

Dedicated Breach Response Hotline

CyberScout breach response professionals—having successfully remediated thousands of data breach cases—are standing by, ready to provide trusted guidance and reassuring support in what could be the businesses’ most challenging time.

Employment ID Theft

Preferred Access to Privacy & Security Experts

Available as an extension of DataRiskStages coverage, your clients will have access to highly experienced consultants for a wide and constantly evolving set of data risk and information security management services. (Additional fee may apply)



Email Compromise Audit

Risk Reduction Knowledge Center

Our data privacy and information security experts curate highly informative and timely educational content on relevant topics including regulatory requirement updates, industry trends and best practices in data breach management, preparation and response.

Social Media Compromise Audit

Breach Preparation Guidance

As your customers use the breach preparation templates provided via the Breach Response Website, a helpline is available for assistance with customizing their template to fit their organisation’s needs.




Data Riskcompass  Data RiskcompassTM

Whether caused by simple employee error, the misuse of mobile devices, or even hacking threats from outside your organization, data risks are prevalent and ignorance of those risks is a recipe for disaster. This tool will help you recognize and gauge your company's vulnerability to a data breach, identify weaknesses in your organization's data security, and receive valuable tips and best practices on how to reduce risks.

Knowledge Center

Vendor Riskcompass  Vendor RiskcompassTM

Are your vendors protecting your customer's data? When it comes to privacy data protection, the risks to your business could come from every third-party vendor you work with. Use this tool to determine your risk propensity resulting from your business relationships and get advice on how to mitigate your risk.

Our holistic approach to data risk management allows us to minimise the gaps in current data security knowledge and make connections between breach activity and any resulting fraud, which allows us to quickly and agilely adjust to trends in the changing market. As a result of our close connection to what’s happening on the front lines of data security, information is routed to appropriate resources when they need it so that lessons learned are applied to how we handle breach events as it happens.

While having a plan in place and experienced resources available to help you respond to a breach are critical, effective data risk management starts with taking calculated steps to remove as many potential risks as possible, before they become a problem. That’s why proactive education and analysis of data risks across the business is a cornerstone of the DataRiskStages platform.

24/7 Support

Prepare and Plan for a Breach

Every DataRiskStages client receives access to our exclusive website featuring invaluable best practices, security breach preparation and response-planning documents and templates, as well as insightful tools that reveal data risks and tips to avoid them.

Extensive Experience

Risk Management and Security Training

Access to CyberScout’s Learning Management System (LMS) is available as an effective way to ensure your organisation receives appropriate training on data risk management, data security and privacy information.

No-Kit Resolution

Breach Management Hotline

The breach management team is available to DataRiskStages customers before a breach has even occurred, to answer questions and provide guidance on breach planning, compliance and remediation.

Case Studies

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White Papers

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