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If you're looking for identity theft protection and privacy management services, dedicated expert assistance may be just a phone call away! CyberScout may not be a household name, but we're the people and the services behind the identity theft protection programs offers by hundreds of the world’s major insurance companies, banks, credit unions, and corporate employee benefit programs. Check with your provider to see if available to you.

CyberScout provides proactive support to help minimize propensity to identity theft and fraud and jumps into action if and when victimization occurs. Unlike our competitors we don’t just dispense advice, we work with you side-by-side until your case is resolved. That means no kits – we take charge of the situation and work with you to full resolution, no matter how long the process takes, CyberScout will:

  • Make the calls
  • Write the letters
  • Help replace personal documents that are lost, stolen, or destroyed
  • Talk to creditors, bill collectors, the IRS, doctors, and hospitals and medical providers
  • Resolve any and all identity theft issues
  • Provide an individual solution for each victim
  • Help restore affected credit connected to identity theft
  • Create a case against identity thieves

So, before you invest in a costly identity theft protection service, contact your insurance company, bank, credit union or employer or employee benefits provider to see if you already have access to CyberScout or to learn how you can add access to your coverage for a fraction of the cost of other services. 


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CyberScout's partnership options help you safeguard the identity and privacy of your policyholders, customers, members and employees. Discover how a customised program can help build brand loyalty, member retention, and quickly generate long-term recurring revenue.

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